Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Daily Texan Illustration

This one is a bit different from the one published. Obviously the colors are brighter here than in the paper but the one published was also cropped down some. I dont like the girls hand but thats about it for this piece. Its a generally good piece

Meticulous notes

Peter Pan

Nothing much to say about this. John is still an adolescent at heart and will likely never change


This comic comes out of my boredom with the style of these comics. I need to break the style from time to time. Thats why the fist panel looks so different than almost every other John Thorn panel. I thought I would make it so that all media in the John Thorn world looks closer to this world than John Thorn's world. Also, I like doing my comics in Spanish.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Viva Mexico Cabrones

Viva Mexico. Hice este comic con Raquel y Jonathan de Seis Dolares, Porfavor. Jonathan es mexicano tambien y queria hacer un comic en espanol juntos. Este dia fue una oportunidad para hacer esto. Feliz dia de independecia

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Celebrations in the Night

Happy Birthday John Thorn. Its not really his birthday in any sense. I just decided I wanted to do a happy birthday comic and so John is now 21. I didn't wanna do another alcohol centric comic even if it would be really appropriate.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Other Daily Texan Illustrations

Occasionally, I get commissioned to do some illustrations for the DT. I figured you guys might like to see them.

its not just a damn game

Generally, I try to be funny to a wide university audience, but I had my fantasy draft yesterday so I thought I would do one for my fellow fantasy football brethren.

Unconquerable Obstacles

Sometimes I find myself having to use one of those old sharpeners when I've forgotten to sharpen my dull dull pencils before a test. They are awful.

Spanish Boys

Theres been so many people I've known who go abroad and break up with their boyfriend when they get back. I just had to do a comic about it

The Fiftieth is the Sweetest

Ok, finally, here it is. Presented to blog-readers late. Theres much I could say at this point, but Ill keep it short. I have had much fun, relative success and frustration creating these comics and Im glad that I now have a small library of work with one singular premise.

Freshman Circus

So I was actually unable to print my 50th John Thorn during the summer due to space concerns and the comics fight, so I asked Carolynn to print it the first day of class. However, the Daily Texan does print before classes start meaning I still needed to turn in something anyway. Necessity is the mother of invention and so was born "Freshman Circus," my hate letter to freshman. Originally a three parter, it turned into only a two parter. However, it is one of those comics that is essentially a page so it is not small. I hope you guys enjoy the melodramatic stylings of it.